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Skoda Contracting recognizes and promotes the outstanding contributions made by small and diverse businesses to the economic health and diversity of communities throughout the United States of America. These businesses include small disadvantaged, minority-owned, women­ owned, veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned and HUB Zone businesses.

Skoda Contracting was founded by a displaced Czech whom during the war waited in a refugee camp for over a year to receive passage on a ship to America with 27 cents in his pocket. He came here for the opportunity to succeed in accomplishing the American dream. He established Skoda Contracting and it grew into a successful company.

Jan Skoda's spirit of helping other companies and sharing dreams continues today. Through its subcontracting program, Skoda Contracting encourages and facilitates small and diverse business sales opportunities.

In addition to subcontracting opportunities, Skoda Contracting's supplier diversity program supports the viability and growth of small and diverse businesses through mentoring relationships that advance meaningful growth opportunities. Skoda uses a mentoring program that provides extraordinary support and guidance to small and diverse business protégés. Our program includes contact several times a week to discuss areas of development needed, share expertise, and to provide support for new business. ​

Supplier Support: Owners and representatives of small and diverse businesses are encouraged to contact Skoda Contracting to market their products and services. Contracts are awarded based on subcontractors’ ability to provide high quality work, outstanding customer service, a strong safety program, and a willingness to grow with us.

Supplier Diversity: Skoda Contracting values diversity. We promote it within our workforce and have an inclusive environment that encourages us to actively support it. Increasing diversity among our suppliers is equally important. Our mission is to provide high-quality business partners and suppliers.

Supplier Diversity makes good business sense for several reasons:

  • allows Skoda to better serve our customers
  • enables Skoda to strive to be the best business partner by recognizing and advocating diversity in our supplier base
  • creates business relationships that strengthen our communities and states
  • demonstrates commitment to overall corporate responsibility and citizenship.

By forming mutually-beneficial business relationships with a diverse base of high-quality, cost effective suppliers, Skoda will continue to enhance its service and its competitiveness. Just as our employees come from diverse backgrounds, so too must our suppliers.

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Subcontracting Results: In 2010 Atlantic InfraRed, a WBE went from our mentoring program to our Subcontractor program in the name of Atlantic Infrastructure. Working together with Skoda Contracting, Atlantic Infrastructure sales have gone from 375K in 2010 to 12 million in 2017.

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Mentor- Protégée Program Results: Skoda Contracting is completing its 2nd year of mentoring P2 Trucking, a veteran owned company. From a small loan and a business plan provided by Skoda, we are proud to say P2 Trucking is up and running with sales for 2016-2017 at nearly half a million dollars.